Useful for companies and individuals

Frequently asked questions from our private customers relate to tax saving tips and information about tax deductions in Switzerland … here is a small extract for private individuals to save tax!


Tax deduction by buying into the Swiss pension fund

As with Pillar 3a, pension fund purchases can be fully deducted from taxable income.

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Tax savings by staggering the payments from pillar 3a and the pension fund

The payment of pension capital from pillar 3a and the pension fund is subject to a so-called capital payment tax,…

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Pay off mortgage indirectly

With indirect amortization, the amount of the mortgage always remains the same.

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Worldwide assets / worldwide income

There is a basic obligation to declare worldwide assets and income earned worldwide, because at least to determine the…

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Real estate: maintenance of residential property

The maintenance costs for condominiums or single-family houses quickly exceed the flat-rate deduction.

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Reduction in rental value for underuse

When the children have moved out, space becomes free. Even after the death of a partner or after a divorce.

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