Documents for tax return

• All original forms of tax return
• Copy of your last tax return
• Copy of the last final assessment
• tax payments in advance for tax year paid in tax year

Income (from both domestic and foreign)
• payroll statement (s)
• balance sheets and profit and loss statements for self-employed
• certificates of Directors’ fees and meeting fees
• Statement of contributions received (alimony)
• pension payment statement (AHV, IV, BVG, LAA and other pensions)

Assets and shares (from the domestic and foreign)
• statements of your worldwide deposits, bank and saving accounts including the gross interest, withholding tax deducted and the balance as per 31.12
• statements of your worldwide shares and bonds (including dividends) as per 31.12.
• for larger asset portfolios- asset performance- and „Steuerverzeichnis“
• documents (contracts) on other assets (for example private loan given)

Real Estate (domestic and abroad)
• address, official value (if changes over previous year) for domestic property
• address, purchase price of the house/flat abroad
• rental value of owner-occupied property (if changes to previous year) for domestic property
• rental income if not owner-occupied
• Evidence maintenance costs (inkl. calculation Stockwerkeigentümergemeinschaft, repairs, renovations, garden maintenance, replanting, insurance ..
• Details of changes in ownership (contract)

Professional expenses
• information about the distance between your home and the office (in km)
• if you use the SBB to your employer (bills)
• additional costs fort those who return to the residence of their families at the weekend (rent, transportation costs..)
• invoices for further education (workshops, hotel, books…)
• invoices for work equipment paid by your own (notebook, ipad…)

Insurance and old age contributions
• statements of Swiss health insurance contributions showing your monthly premium
• treatment expensens if not paid by your health insurance (unless under 5% of your net income)
• statements for old age contributions (2nd pillar (BVG), 3a and 3b pillar)
• invoices for further education (workshops, hotel, books…)
• invoices for work equipment paid by your own (notebook, ipad…)

Debt and interest on debt (domestic and foreign)
• bank confirmation: debt per 31.12 and interest paid fort the year (mortgages, loans)
• Other liabilities (tax debt, credit card)

Other assets and deductions (domestic and foreign)
• Life insurance (police, cash value)
• motor vehicles (car or motorcycle), type, purchase price, age
• Other assets such as art, jewelry and other valuable assets
• Information about heritage, community of heirs
• Information about donation received or given
• Statements of charitable donations
• Investments in furniture, cars
• If both parents are working: child care costs